As with any entry into Australia we require a visa, and in our case an Employer Sponsored Worker (457) visa. The whole process takes place online and is both simple and unnerving at the same time.

The application

Having taken advice from someone who had recently been through the process I'd already began to dig out everything that I thought would be needed to make our application.

Amongst them were:

  • Education Qualifications (GCSEs & A Levels)
  • Professional Qualifications (in my case my website management certificate
  • References from my last two employers
  • My CV
  • Contract from my current employer
  • Travel Insurance
  • Marriage certificate

As it turned out I'd covered everything they required and the only additional submission we needed to make was a copy of each of our passport photo pages which they contacted us for just prior to them confirming our visas.

The cost

At $1035 Australian Dollars (£600) each, the visas don't come cheap which is why it's handy when your employer contributes towards the cost.

What we didn't realise was that per person so our total visa cost came out near the £1200 mark but a small price to pay to move to Australia.

The Wait

On the Immigration website it states that the visa should take within two months to process and they weren't far out.

From our initial application we heard nothing for three weeks before I got an email asking for my employer to submit their application.

Once they had done their part it took another three weeks until another email popped into my inbox confirming our visas had been approved.

A simple process that didn't involve too much work but the lack of contact in between, especially after I'd hit the payment button, was unnerving. Did they get the application or not? is there a problem? These were just a couple of questions that crossed my mind.

Once the visas had been issued, the move became a reality and preparations began for the big move.