Angie and Paul Corbett

Paul and Angela set off on their travels in 2006 as friends looking to explore more of the world. The more they saw of the world the more they fell in love, both with the cultures and with each other.

From backpacking around the world to short trips around Europe Paul and Angela want to inspire you to travel and have your own experience of the world.

About Paul

I’m a front end web developer with a passion for travel and also the main writer on the blog. My favourite place in the world is sat by the waters edge at the Sydney Opera House though Auckland also has a special place in my heart.

About Angela

Since living in Doha, Qatar over ten years ago I’ve always felt as though I wanted to see more of the world.

New Zealand is one of my favourite places, so far from home yet so familiar and we’re always looking for an excuse to go back

Why MyPostcardFrom?

When we travelled around the globe back in 2006 social media was in its infancy. We hadn’t signed up to anything like Facebook or Twitter and it was only during that trip did we set up profiles on MySpace.

Phone calls home were the main communication but we felt people needed to see where we’d been. This was especially the case for Paul’s Nan who we sent regular postcards to detailing what we’d done and what the place was like.

When we returned she showed us a photo album where she had lovingly placed each postcard we’d sent home, only then did we appreciate what each of those postcards had meant to her.