The view from Harbourside Apartments, Sydney

Our Sydney adventure could not have got off to a more surreal beginning. Within days we have gone from bed bug bites in the seedy Kings Cross area to a harbour view apartment in the leafy suburb of McMahons Point.

Welcome to Kings Cross, Sydney

Kings Cross is a horrible place. Its main street is lined with bars, nightclubs and strip clubs every few doors with its employees casually smoking on a cigarette outside during the afternoon hours.

Our first stroll down the main road brought us the highlight of someone being arrested. Police keeping their distance as they tried to calm a woman who continued to scream abuse at them. Welcome to Sydney we thought.

Nom Nom said the bed bug

But our day was to take a twist when early evening and getting ready to catch up on some sleep due to jet lag Angie leapt from the bed in shock and was to find two bites with the culprits still nibbling away. After all the hostels we've stayed in around the world this was our first encounter with bed bugs.

We moved rooms but the following morning our little friend's family had turned up for the feast and Angie awoke to 12 bites on her upper arm. Also, with a family of mini cockroaches as roommates we decided enough was enough and we had to move.

Switching to McMahons Point

A couple of hours of looking for accommodation paid off when the company I work for found us an apartment in a suburb called McMahons Point on the Lower North Shore.

It was an area I'd never been too, or heard of before but we knew it would be a better location to do our apartment hunting from considering this is the area we want to live in anyway.

From Hell to Heaven

When we gave the address to our taxi driver we knew this move would be for the better.

"Your company must really love you" he said, and we realised what he meant as we pulled up to the Harbourside Apartments, the last property on the road down to McMahons Point ferry wharf.

The receptionist pointed out that we were in a no view room but that didn't matter, we were out of Kings Cross. When we got into our room we stood, jaws hitting the ground, as it was huge. A million miles away from where we had begun our journey.

No View You Say

As for the view, well from our living room window we can see the bridge, Opera House and the green and gold ferries dancing across the water.

I think we've found home.