Strawberry cupcakes
This past few days the UK has been gripped with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. We're not huge royalists and if we're honest the only reason why we were looking forward to a four-day weekend was for the extra holidays.

However there was no escaping the fact that, combined with the Olympic Torch relay, England in Euro 2012 and the London Olympics, there is an abundance of Union Jack Flags flapping in the wind and a feeling of excitement in the air so we joined in our own little way.

Our little Jubilee Party

We had arrived in Whitburn in the North East of England on Saturday to spend a few days with Angie's family.

Preparations began early on Monday as salads, coleslaw and a fruit salad were created whilst a makeshift bar was set up with the classic English summer tipple, Pimms. I'd never tried it before but have to say I'm now a little hooked.

As the sun crept out from behind the clouds the guests began to arrive and the barbecue was soon billowing smoke in readiness for the burgers, sausages, chicken, salmon and veggie kebabs which Angie and her Dad expertly cooked whilst battling for the title of the 'best barbecuer.'

With bunting draped across the garden and face paints adorning both the children and adults cheeks it was hard not to get into the spirit. Though I did manage to avoid the face paints!

Suitably stuffed with all the food we made room for some delicious cupcakes topped with strawberries before collapsing tired and weary on the sofa and watching part of the Queen's Jubilee concert on TV.

So with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations coming to an end it's time to move onto the next event. Cheering on England in tournaments usually ends up in disappointment but with the feel good atmosphere running through the country, you never know what may happen.

What did you do for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee? Where you in London? Did you have a party?