Busy streets, rain storms and persuasive taxi drivers - we couldn't wait to leave Kuala Lumpur

After a seven hour train journey from Singapore we finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur.

We stayed in a hostel just a few blocks from the Petronas Towers and it was there we headed to the following morning.

Up close they weren't that impressive and the heat and busy traffic began to get to us. We hailed a taxi and asked to go to a Chinese temple we'd seen in the Lonely Planet book.

Our driver ensured us he had a better idea with us relenting and instead opting for the Batu Caves.

With the Thaipusam festival on the horizon it was another busy place. We soon became bored and after Angie slipped on some wet rocks we decided we wanted out of the city.

We packed our bags an headed back to the station. The heavens had opened and we got soaked trying to flag a passing taxi. At the station we asked when was the soonest we could get the train up to Butterworth in the north west. From there we could transfer across to the island of Penang.

Luck had deserted us as all the trains had been booked up throughout the weekend. We finally managed to secure a flight but only for the following morning. That meant returning sheepishly to our hostel where, thankfully, our room was still vacant.

That night we resorted to eating at the Hard Rock cafe given my Hong Kong octopus experience. The following morning woke early to get our flight to Penang. Hopefully it will given us a better impression of Malaysia.