Line of Vespas
For the last few months I've been toying with the idea of buying an SLR camera to take with me on our trips. However, since taking Kirsten Alana's talk on iPhoneography at the recent TBU conference in Umbria I have a new toy - my iPhone camera.

I'd used the camera before but hadn't realised its true potential to take some amazing shots and, along with two or three apps, make them into quality photographs.

Over the week as we visited Gubbio, Citta di Castello, Narni and Rome I played around with Instagram and Pro-HD and here are some of the results.

Photos taken using Instagram

![Line of Vespas](/content/images/2014/Apr/vespas-1.jpg)

One of the things I love about Instagram is how it highlights the colours within  a photograph.

This line of Vespas in Narni was great as each was a different colour and I could really focus in on that using the app.

Old door in Gubbio, Italy

When I saw this door I remembered how Kirsten had taught us to keep the main focus of a photograph away from the centre.

By adding the tilt-shift feature of Instagram I could then blur away some of the wall so that the eye is instantly drawn to the door. Has it worked?

Street in Gubbio

When Kirsten was taking us through some of her work, an image that stood out for me was that of a moving London bus and how the lights were fuzzy.

On our last night in Gubbio it had rained and the cobbled streets had this great shine to it. As I took my first shot I heard the sound of a moped nearby and realised it was heading down the street so I quickly took a couple more shots and managed to squeeze it into the frame.

Using both the lighting and focus of Instagram the aim was to show of the shiny street whilst giving the sense of movement by the blurring of the brake light on the moped.

Photos taken using Pro-HD

![Vatican City](/content/images/2014/Apr/vatican.jpg)

Pro-HD wasn't an app I had bought prior to TBU but on Kirsten's advice I downloaded it but completely forget about it until we were in Rome.

I'm not usually a fan of HD photographs so I'm still a little wary of the app and playing around with it. It does bring a lot of colour to a picture but I'm yet to be sold.

SLR v iPhone

For those serious about photography I completely understand why an SLR camera is the way to go. As for me, I'm of the opinion that an iPhone camera will suffice for now.

The huge advantage is that I carry my iPhone around with me anyway so there isn't the extra weight issue. I'd love to be able to take better photographs and with a little more practice I think I can get that from my iPhone camera.

Oooh, and I've just saved myself a few hundred pounds!

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Have you used your iPhone camera instead of a digital camera? What are your favourite apps? What do you think of those pictures I've shot so far?