Ciara's wedding
This is a guest post by Ciara McVeigh

There are many places to have a wedding these days. You can say your vows as you tumble out of a plane, or underwater with a turtle for a vicar, or the traditional way; on a wet Wednesday in Grimsby Town Hall with 200 of your most depressed and resentful relatives.

I got married in Greece.

Lindos on the island of Rhodes to be exact

To be exact, in Lindos on the island of Rhodes, situated in the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean Sea. Lindos is a picturesque village on the east coast of the island, approximately 55km from Rhodes Town and is fast becoming a popular wedding destination for couples lured by the relaxed culture, spectacular views and guaranteed good weather.

We first visited Rhodes in 2010 for a holiday in the nearby village of Pefkos and the idea of a sunny wedding seeded and began to grow before we’d even got engaged. When the time came it was a no-brainer; we knew Lindos would make the ideal destination where we could bring our families for a week long party in the sun, with only a minor inconvenience of a wedding day.

Donkey Taxis and the Acropolis

Lindos is archaeologically significant and remains one of the best preserved villages on the island. Its winding streets with their donkey taxis retain an authentic Greek feeling, with the local elders coming out at night to shoot the breeze, have startlingly loud conversations and work their komboli (worry beads). The narrow cobbles are presided over by the Acropolis, a magnificent 4th century temple dedicated to Athena which dominates from any angle of the village. The Acropolis can be reached on foot by the fit and determined and offers spectacular views of both Pallas Beach and the smaller St Paul’s Bay. The blues of the sea and sky stretch far into the horizon forming a dazzling other-world mirage.

The best time of day in Lindos

One of my favourite times in Lindos is the early evening when things cool down, the light becomes buttery and mellow, and the white streets finally become cool enough to wander around. No traffic is allowed into the village, and there are strict building and noise controls which lend to a feeling of having found yourself in a different time as you wander around the shops and markets.

People eat late in Lindos so if you can wait you will find yourself atop one of the many roof terrace restaurants, lulled by the warm evening air and sipping a cool pint of Mythos as you wait for your meal. Try the souvlaki (grilled meat kebabs) or the lamb kleftiko (soft roast lamb served inside tinfoil with fresh vegetables) and don’t forget to order warm pittas with oil and houmous.

Still wondering why we had our wedding abroad?

We got married outside the chapel on St. Paul’s Bay and took a champagne boat cruise round to Pallas Beach where we had our meal in the garden terrace of the magnificent Melenos overlooking the bay. Later on we moved round to the Village Café which we had hired out for drinks, cake and embarrassing dancing. Sound good?

The views and weather were incredible – no balloons and decorations necessary. The food was beautiful and feeling of dancing and giggling round the cobbled streets while we moved between our locations was unique.

But the best part was the feeling that we had created a magical set of memories for our guests, that we had given them something a lot more valuable than a napkin with our names on it and that we had all travelled on a journey together, that was shared only among us.

Yamas and sláinte!