Recently I was asked to complete a set of questions for on what I would do if the end of the world was upon us.

2012 Bucket List Infographic By First ChoiceOne poser was which five countries I would visit given the opportunity before our time was up.

Here are my choices:


Machu PicchuOne must for me would be to complete my collection of visiting every continent and with South America the only one I've yet to set foot on it would be top of my list.

I chose Peru purely for Machu Picchu which has become a popular tourist destination over the past few years.

Rather than arrive amongst the hordes in coaches I would have to take the traditional route walking the four day Inca trail. I can imagine that feeling of arriving at the Inca site after days of walking would be extremely rewarding.


Child of NepalThere were two reason for wanting to visit Nepal. One would be to gaze up at Everest from the base camp. In an ideal world I'd be mentally and physically strong enough to give climbing it a go, but being in its shadow would be enough.

Secondly, for the Nepali people. I've heard many stories of their friendliness and openness to visitors. To spend a day with them would be an honour.


Lemur in MadagascarNowhere on Earth is the flora and fauna more diverse than in Madagascar. It would feel almost primeval to walk amongst the "octopus" trees and baobabs.

Having fed lemurs in Auckland Zoo I'd love to see them in their natural habitat and as there over 70 types in Madagascar it shouldn't be hard to spot one.

Bora Bora

Bora BoraPicture crystal clear water, golden white sand and put your feet up with a tall colourful cocktail (or beer) and you'd be in Bora Bora.

For me this would be the ultimate luxury, free from the stress of the end of the world and would leave me with the the true satisfaction of being in paradise.

New Zealand

Browns Bay, AucklandAn obvious choice for me as New Zealand is my favourite country and the subject of my new blog, My Postcard From New Zealand.

The country's changing landscapes encapsulates everything you would want to see. From the underground geysers of Rotorua and caves of Waitomo to the South Island's glaciers and snow capped mountains the country is full of natural wonders.

After touring the country from bottom to top I'd settle on a beach on Auckland's North Shore to see the final curtain drawn on the world.

Do you agree with my choices? Where would you go if the end of the world was nigh? 

Photo credits: iamperegrino Epsilon31 Robert7 Benoit Mahe