There are many things that inspire us to travel from something you see on TV to something you read in a magazine or newspaper.

easyJet Holidays want to know who, what , where and when has inspired us as part of their Inspiration initiative so here are mine:

WHO - Michael Palin

Spice Bazaar in IstanbulI was too young to have watched Michael Palin's Around the World in Eighty Days but it was the Pole to Pole series that opened my eyes to the world.

Istanbul was an eyecatcher with the noise of the calls to prayer, the colours and just how busy it seemed. As a teenager it was a wonder to such a different culture as this.

As he passed through Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia and many more in Africa I became aware that there are so many opposites to what I was accustomed to and awakened the sense of exploring new countries.

WHEN - 3 Week trip around the World

FijiIn 2003 I set off on a whirlwind tour of the world for three weeks.It was also my first time travelling alone so I was eager to explore as much as possible.

Visiting Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji were the taster I needed to ignite the travelling bug.

WHERE - Sydney

Sydney Opera HouseSydney was the one place that I wanted to visit. From watching the iconic images on TV of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House it fuelled the passion to one day visit the Australian city.

When I did eventually arrive in Sydney for the first time it brought all those images into reality. Being able to walk up the Opera House steps made me realise that travelling to any of the countries that appear through our screens or in print is very possible.

WHAT - Asian Street Food

Asian Street FoodWhen you are used to Sunday roasts or microwave meals, eating spicy beef and noodles on the street seems a million miles away.

My first taste of Asian street food was in Singapore where we sat at plastic tables set in the middle of Chinatown whilst the food was prepared in a small stall beside us. That taste was exotic, different and far from anything I've had before and made me want more.

Whenever I return to the area I make it a point of sampling something new from the food markets with the Night Markets of Kowloon amongst my favourites.

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What inspires you to travel?