Last week I read a post by Adventurous Kate on 'My Problem with Bucket Lists' and it got me thinking, I may not have a bucket list as such but why am I putting off doing things and visiting places when I can go and do it now.

As I look at my bookcase I can see two books, "1000 places to see before you die" and "100 unforgettable places to see before you die." Maybe these should be renamed "places to make your travel priorities."

Kate set a challenge to come up with 5-10 travel priorities and achieve at least one of them in the next two years, not a big ask really.

So here are the priorities I have set myself:

[caption id="attachment_2543" align="alignleft" width="640"]Skiing in Queenstown My first attempt at skiing, in Queenstown[/caption]

Visit South America

South America is the one continent that eludes me and I want to complete the set. Peru has always appealed mainly because I want to do the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu but I'd also want to travel to the far south of Argentina and hop over to Antarctica.

Travel around Europe by train

The idea of travelling around my home continent by train is something that has only appealed to me recently. Considering that Europe is on my doorstep I haven't really explored it and discovered its rich history.

Recent trips to Austria and Italy and seeing how picturesque and interesting they are have only fuelled this ambition.

Observe a wild animal in its natural habitat

I've been to a lot of zoos around the world and it's great to see animals up close and I've even fed lemurs and stroked a cheetah but it's not the same as witnessing them in their natural habitat.

For that I must delve deeper into Africa than I've ever done before. A safari may be too cliché but just being around wild elephants or gorillas as they go about their normal natural lives would be special.

Go back to New Zealand

I LOVE New Zealand just in case you didn't know and I don't need an excuse to go back. There are corners of the country such as Dunedin and Cape Reinga that I've yet to go to and on my next visit these are a must.

Learn to Ski or Snowboard

When I was travelling around New Zealand I had a two-day beginners skiing lesson in Queenstown and I was rubbish. So rubbish that I fell off the rope tow, the normal ski lift and about four or five times down the beginners' ski run.

Needless to say I threw down my poles in a huff and retired to the bar whilst Angie went off onto the intermediate and advanced runs.

So to overcome my inability I want to try again or even snowboard which appeals more to me but I've been told it's even harder.

And if I'm just as bad, I can always head off to the nearest bar again.

Can I do it, can I achieve one of these in the next two years? I WILL make sure I do.

What are you priorities? Where should I go in Europe or South America? Where is the best place to learn to ski?