Seven Wells, Langkawi

We've been running our photo a day on Facebook for a week now and it's time for our first photo of the week. Each week we'll post the photo that received the most likes and shares on our blog and let you know more about the circumstances surrounding the photo.

Our most liked photo this week was one we took on the island of  Langkawi in Malaysia and at a spot called the Seven Wells.

We'd hired a car for the day to tour around the island and Seven Wells was our first stop after leaving our hostel in Pantai Cenang on the  west coast.

Along on the ride were two Norweigans, Alex and Theresa who we'd met in Penang, and the four of us had spotted Seven Wells on the map.

To get there we had to climb what felt like hundreds of steps from the car park to the pools. When we arrived though it was worth the effort. Crystal clear water sparkled in the sunlight and the area was quiet with only a dozen or so other visitors.

The Seven Wells pools aren't deep but were sufficient enough to slide down rocks into the refreshing cool water.

We splashed around for about an hour and could have stayed for longer but this was just the first stop on our tour and there was more of the island to see.

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Have you been to Seven Wells?