I was recently kindly nominated my Iain from malloryontravel.com, Christina from christinahegele.com and Anthony from manvsclock.com to have my say in the Seven Links Project.

The idea is to give bloggers a chance to dust off posts that lie deep in their archives and highlight their content to readers who may be new to my blog.

With my blog being relatively new to the world I didn't have to delve that far so here is a short history of my travel blog.

Most Beautiful Post - Winter in New York City

Manhattan Skyline from Rockefellar CenterI chose this as the most beautiful mainly for the photography, which unfortunately I can't take credit for. That privilege goes to my sister and her fiance who have a great eye for a shot.

New York is one of my favourite cities especially in Winter and these are captured in some amazing shots from around Manhatten.

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Most Popular Post - Sunday Morning at Newcastle Quayside Market

Tyne Bridge & SageTechnically this is my third most popular post as it is overshadowed by my postcard challenge. However it deserves it's place here as it is the most visited post that can be classed as a traditional post.

I visit Newcastle about once a month to see family and every so often we make the trip down to the Quayside to browse the various market stalls.

Every time there can be little suprises that make every visit unique.

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Most Controversial Post - Celebrations, Film Festivals & Celeb-Spotting in Sydney

Not controversial in the sense that it raised a debate in the comments section, but it did receive a negative comment on Twitter and one that I wasn't expecting.

The timing of the post was called into question but the post covers things to do in Sydney in the first quarter of the year.

I got to celebrate Australia Day, watch the Tropfest film festival and stood by the red carpet at the MTV Music Awards.

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Most Helpful Post - Natural Wonders on New Zealand's South Island West Coast

On Fox GlacierI think and I hope that this post highlighted some of the New Zealand's unknown treasured that await in the South Island.

New Zealand is an amazing country for landscapes and none more so that three that lie along the west coast.

Cruising Milford Sound, hiking up Fox Glacier and watching the waves at Pancake Rocks were all things I got to see and do on my round the world trip.

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A Post Whose Success Suprised Me - Lanzarote Tour Highlights

Swimming Pool at Jameos del AguaWhat suprised me about this was the amount of traffic that has come through from Google.

My main readers seem to be fellow bloggers and those looking to backpack around the world. Both of which I assumed would have little interest in the small island in the Canary Islands.

I wrote the post as I'd just visited and was very please with the repsonse.

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A Post Which Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved - Budget Backpacker Hostel (BBH) Card in New Zealand 

New Zealand FernWhen I was travelling around New Zealand this little plastic card came in extremely helpful, not just for receiving discounts in hostels around the country, but also for telephone calls back home to the UK.

This is why I thought my tip of what it does and how to get one would come in handy.

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The Post I'm Most Proud Of - Five Favourite Things to do in Hong Kong

Kowloon Night MarketThe reason I chose this was a combination of two things. After six months blogging I think I've got myself a good structure for my content and this follows that guide.

I also feel as though I got out what makes me really enjoy visits to Hong Kong and whilst writing I felt as though I was there and made me want to go back.

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I hope you get the chance to have a read through some of these and don't forget to leave your thoughts.

My nominations for fellow bloggers to take part in the 7 links challenge are:

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