When we announced that we would be spending New Year in Paris, the instant response was "it'll be cold that time of year won't it."

We had decided early in the year that we would do something different for the New Year period so we had booked a trip across the channel to Paris where we would enter the New Year enjoying the festivities in a different country.

As we travelled through Northern France the temperatures plummeted and snow began to appear on the outskirts of the capital.

On the first day of 2009 we wrapped up warm and ventured into the city to see what it had to offer. We wanted to visit a few of the renowned sites but first we had been told of a restaurant that we must have lunch at in the Latin Quarter.

Catching the Metro we disembarked and according to the directions given, the restaurant was just along the street from the station. Needless to say, it wasn't and we spent the next thirty minutes walking down streets and turning corners back into places we'd already been.

In the end we settled for a ham baguette in the nearest deli knowing that we needed to return to the Eiffel Tower where we'd meet up with our tour company who had offered to take us around Paris.

We spent an age queuing for tickets and spent the entire journey checking the time all the time realising we weren't going to make it.

Reaching our meeting point, there was no sign of the bus or fellow travellers and it was freezing. It was then that we saw the bus stopped on the other side if the River Seine. That's where the fun started!

We made a mad dash across a nearby bridge only to reach the half way point and see the bus pulling away. We carried on across the bridge and we were overjoyed when we saw that the bus had turned around and was heading back in our direction.

As we thought our luck had changed we realised it hadn't as we saw the bus turn down the next street.

We made one final dash trying to head it off at the end of the street it had turned down but when we got there it was nowhere to be seen. This was turning into a travel disaster but at least we were warming up with all the running.

Realising we were close to the Arc de Triomphe we wandered around until we stumbled upon which cheered us up as it was one of the locations we wanted to see.

Turning around we saw the Champs Elysees lit up as dusk was drawing in. We had a lovely walk down the famous road to the end before turning off and returning to our start point at the Eiffel Tower where we relayed our story to the rest of the group.

It turned out it was cold at that time of the year and although the trip didn't quite go to plan, running around the city meant we had got to see a lot of the sights that we had gone to see.

I would love to return to Paris and see some more, though I think next time we'll make it a Summer trip.