Last week we said goodbye to my work colleague and friend who is taking the plunge by quitting his job and heading off to Japan for a year. For weeks we've chatted about where he and his wife are going to do and looking for jobs whilst out there and it got me thinking about the reasons why Angie and I had decided to take our year-long round the world trip.

Paul's reasons to explore the world

Having spent four months living in Sydney the previous year and experiencing living in a way that was different that what I knew back home opened my eyes to travelling.

On returning to the UK I returned to a job in Payroll and though the people there were great, the job failed to satisfy that itch to see more of the world.

Though travelling does sound like you're slacking off from the real world thinking of getting a job and a mortgage, for me seeing the sights, immersing in the culture and eating exotic foods IS the real world.

So when the opportunity to take a year out going around the world with Angie I knew I had to take it.

Angie's reasons for travelling

Ever since I returned from living in Doha, Qatar for a few years I felt as though I couldn't settle in the UK.

Having had a taste of travel I wanted to get out and discover more cultures and experience new things. I met Paul around the time that I finished my degree and he was the catalyst for me to decide to take a year out and travel.

With me wanting to see more of South East Asia and Paul keen on Australia and New Zealand we decided to link the two.

A year sounds like a long time but once we were out there it didn't seem long enough and I really wish we'd extended our trip around the world.

The future

Do we want to take another year out to travel more of the world? Definitely. Will we do it? Possibly.

There is still a lot to experience out there so we would never rule out the possibility of quitting our jobs and taking time to explore more.

Have you taken a year out to travel the world? What were your reasons?