Well I'm now three months into my postcard project which means I'm half way through so I thought I'd give you a little update and more information on why I started the project.

If you haven't heard about what I'm up to, I've tasked my readers and Twitter followers to send me postcards from wherever they are in the world with the aim of receiving as many as possible and from as many countries in six months.

The reason behind Your Postcard From project

It really goes back to when I did a Round the World trip over 12 months in 2006. It was a time before I was on Facebook and Twitter was only launched half way through the year.

Even if they were both available I doubt my Nan would have been on either of them. My only communication with her other than the odd expensive phone call was to send a postcard from every new place we visited.

When we returned at the end of the year she presented me with a photo album complete with every postcard I had sent and I realised how important they had been to her.

Nowadays people can text, email, tweet and add photos on Facebook to keep family up to date.  I only get the odd postcard and my fridge is very bare, hence why I want "Your Postcard From."

The Stats

I like stats so this is what I have so far:
  • 29 postcards received from 18 countries over 4 continents
  • 19 from Europe, 5 from North America, 2 from Asia, 2 from Australasia, 1 from South America and 0 from Africa
  • I'm receiving an average of 2 postcards per week

Time to revise the challenge

My original target was to receive as many postcards as possible. Based on what I've got so far it's time to add a realistic target.
  • 75 postcards (46 to go)
  • 50 countries (32 to go)
To find out where I need them from, have a look at my postcard map.

Looking forward to receiving your postcard.